Eiffel Tower experience

Constructed in 1887-1889 Eiffel tower became a french icon and the most visited paid monument in the world (6,91 million people ascended it in 2015).

After my first visit in 2007 I decided to repeat this experience ten years later, in 2017, and, after one hour in the line, I went to the top, where was not only possible to see the beauty of Paris from above, but also to observe the people that were fascinated by the view and the great light.


According to enciclopedia Britannica expansion of international tourism after Second World War was based on beach holidays. 

"Beach holidays built on widespread older uses of the beach for health, enjoyment, and religious rites, but it was the British who formalized and commercialized them." 

It's a place where you don't need to think about your appearance, where everyone is the same. 


Peace of Art ?

Word Museum Comes From The Ancient Greek Μουσεῖον (Mouseion) And Means A Place Or Temple Dedicated To The Muses. Museum As An Institution Which Collects Different Object Of Art Heritage Is Known For Many Centuries. History Says That First Museum Dated Back To The Time Of Mesopotamia. 

Nowadays People Prefer To Spend Their Free Time Visiting Different Temporary And Contemporary Exhibitions And Without Understanding Become Peaces Of Art Too.

This Project Takes An Approach To Delete The Line Between Visitors And Famous Art Works They Look At.