Why I’m not where you are?

You stay on the island looking at the water. It’s empty around. Somewhere afar you see the mainland covered with clouds. It’s the same with your life. There is a feeling that everything is happening in a parallel dimension, everyone you know is there right now but you’re on the cliff 5000 or 50000 km away. You’re not even sure that ‘there’ exists. Because you’re ‘here’, in the place without cities, roads, cars, electricity, most probably no one has ever been to space. And, of course, there are no broken hearts since all of them are somewhere ‘there’. Here you have only wind that blows through your hair and memories which create an island on the water surface..

There is another place where you would prefer to be right now, but you cannot. Or would like to take a phone, to find the network coverage, and write a short sms: “Why I’m not where you are?” But you cannot. That’s why you stay still and breath.

…in the plane making the first sip of water from the bottle you don’t realize what was ‘there’ and what is happening ‘here’. The only question that you ask is why I’m not where you are..

…Медвежонок говорил, говорил, а Ёжик думал: «Всё-таки хорошо, что мы снова вместе». И ещё Ёжик думал о Лошади: «Как она там, в тумане?..»