According to Britannica encyclopedia term 'Alienation' is the state of feeling estranged or separated from one’s work, products of work, or self.

Whenever one starts new relationships he or she has a lot of hopes opening the new universe of someone else. But when an end comes an individual passes through different stages: emptiness, sadness, happiness, denial, nostalgia and the hope for a better future at the same time. One can feel disconnected from everyday life, places, family or friends.

During the period of separation, emotions are like the waves which come taking the sand from the shore to bring it back to the ocean. 

This project uses black and white photos on a par with sound and video records, and different online conversations which were very precious at one phase of life to visualize the emotions of breaking up. 

At the same time, it plays with the imagination of a viewer to show the ephemerality of the past.

Bene. Tu conosci grandi stori d’amore... classiche, niente baci... niente baci, niente di niente. Purissimi.
Ecco perché è grande. I sentimenti non espressi non si dimenticano
— Nostalghia, 1983
انا و انتي
— N.
Опять вопросы? А куда деваться... Это как в науке: ученые не в силах открыть что-то новое, не сопаставив перед этим десяток новых вопросов. Так же и у нас с тобой.
— А.
Спасибо тебе за медикаменты, что пришла когда-то есть рамен и вообще, что ты есть!
— И.
Туман вдруг стал густой совсем-
Почти не видно пальцев рук,
И я, коснувшись твоих губ,
Нырнул с моста в вулкан проблем.
Как только наступил рассвет,
Ты мне сказала, что летишь
После шести часов в Париж
И этому альтернативы нет.
Глаза твои такие карие,
Как будто это очень важно,
И я, как на мосту бумажном,
Объят воспоминаний пламенем.
— А.
Once you asked me, why people like each other? I’m not quite sure about the correct answer. And then I thought that there was no correct answer. Is just your answer and that’s it. I knew I liked you since I watched your eyes and your smile and we talked about something else instead of people’s life. Even if sometimes I want to change the story, I know it was like that.
— R.
I don’t have many photographs of you, or at least their soul doesn’t haunt me. My memories of you are inside of me, they do not live lives of their own in the photographs. They do not ground me to the present but rather pull me to the past, that past we’ve talked so many times over where for a brief moment we held hands in the breeze of the night to keep each other from floating away. That is until you gave into the wind pushing you home, and like the birds of one of your summer dresses so vividly alive in the wind and the blue cloudless sky, you flew away.
— C.
My attitude was between lil shy and totally in love both. Right?
— C.
- mais j’aimais beaucoup passer du temps avec toi et nos promenades . c’était une belle rencontre.
- I hope it rains in Paris. it will make a soundtrack.
- I feel sad and alone, now.
- It is not a circle but a spiral. I do not want to write anymore tonight, too much sadness. good night
— T.
Maybe you’ve numbed yourself so much that you can’t feel anymore.
Cold Russian woman.
— A. (4).gif
Любовь вечна, но только объекты ее меняются...
Вообще одиночество более остроумное и интеллектуально продуктивное время, как я тут недавно понял оглядываясь туда назад тоже.
Сейчас как будто притупился нюх, работают наработанные стереотипы.
— Р. (2).gif